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About Us

We are Mike and Rea, founders and creators of MRS. RAW DOG FOOD.

Having two of our own, the love we have for dogs grows everyday. Our journey started when we had a couple bad experiences feeding our dogs kibble. Changing brands, sleepless nights, accidents in the house, lots of vet visits and bills became draining. It left us no choice but to look into alternatives for feeding our dogs. We spent lots of time reading and researching the requirements of omnivores and created recipes accordingly. After having our food tested we were super excited and wanted to educate others and share all the benefits of a balanced raw diet.


We have two female dogs. Trina & Tiffany. Our names are Mike & Rea

So we thought MR.S ( Mike & Rea’s ) Raw Dog Food made sense and now we’re Mrs. Raw Dog Food!


Our meats are locally sourced

Our ingredients are Human Grade

Only made with the freshest ingredients

Handpicked & Hand packed


We enjoy building relationships with our clients, but also understand how overwhelming the raw transition can be. Every dog is unique and responds differently than others. Never hesitate to send us an email with questions.

We’re here to serve you better!

Thanks for Choosing Mrs. Raw Dog Food!

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